Medjool Date Dressing/Relish




Medjool Date Dressing/Relish 

1 Grapefruit Or Large Orange, Juiced

6 Pitted Fresh Medjool Dates

1 Fresh Fresno Chile (Red Jalapeño), Sliced In Half, Seeds Removed

Small Handful Of Cilantro Leaves

2 Tbsp. Red Onion, Minced

2 Tbsp. Olive Oil

Salt/Pepper To Taste


This was a fun little experiment last night! Feel free to change the recipe to your liking...thinning it out with more citrus juice for a lighter dressing, or chopping the dates in chunks versus using the food processor to make a relish.  The flavors work well on salads, roasted vegetables, or even couscous and quinoa. 

And by the way, I only use medjool dates from my friend's family farm here in southern Arizona. They are the freshest dates I've ever tasted.  Plump and ridiculously sweet.  I've been using them for years now.  I am including their info at the bottom of the post, they ship!

Mise En Place: 

Put All Of The Ingredients EXCEPT The Citrus Juice In A Food Processor.  Pulse Until You Have A Paste. Place The Date Paste In A Mason Jar. Add The Citrus Juice, Secure The Lid And Shake Well. That's It. As Mentioned Above, If You Want A Thinner End Result, Add More Citrus Juice.




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