Delicate and refreshing, this pink tinted tea, using the purple and/or pink leaves of the bugambilia plant, can be served like an iced tea, sweetened with honey and a squeeze of lime.  Or, you can serve it hot as a "remedio", used for "tos y mas", like many Mexican grandmothers suggest. 

The bugambilia plant (which goes by many spellings), is native to South America, and is one of my favorites outdoor plants because of their beautiful vibrant pink leaves. When I was a child, my parents had huge bushes of these growing in our yard.  I would get all scratched up from the thorns trying to cut "flowers" for my braids and for my mom's massive altar.  It wasn't until I was a teenager did I learn that my favorite artist, Frida Kahlo, would adorn her hair with them, which made me love them even more.  



4 Cups boiling water

4 Large handfuls of rinsed bugambilia *flowers

A few thin slices of fresh ginger

Honey to taste

Lime to taste


Place the bugambilia flowers and ginger in a large measuring cup.  Pour boiling water over the flowers and ginger, steep for at least ten minutes.  Add honey and lime.  Allow to cool, strain over ice. 

*Bugambilia flowers are actually the tiny (generally white) flowers surrounded by the specialized, colorful leaves.  You do not have to remove the inner flower for the tea. 


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