Foraging For Desert Mustard

Just a twenty minute walk from my house, I transport to a sacred little place.  It's a  patch of land where Nature speaks to me, and plant relatives know my name. They greet me with their movement, and I smile when I see them.  They are used to seeing hikers, not medicine makers with offerings.  

So with days like today (71 degrees), it's ideal weather to go out and forage for Desert Mustard.  She has the nickname of "Weed", however, I don't call her by that name because  she doesn't act like one near my home.  I have heard that in some areas of California, she likes to show her presence in more abundance.  That is probably when people start using her nickname.  

The best time to pick Desert Mustard is when she is small.  She'll be less bitter - much like we are as people.  Look for her in areas far from traffic, pesticides, and other pollutants.  You can use her in salads, pestos, or any way you would use arugula. Her green leaves offer much chlorophyll and vitamins A and C, which are all good for our skin.  Perhaps she wants to keep us youthful.