Late Night Snacking Under the Moon

Last night was a bright Full Moon.  I always feel a shift with the Full Moon, her energy is very strong to me.  Her glow radiates down on all of us, and makes me feels really good.  Her beautiful light also makes it easier to see at night, and apparently that was the case last night! 

This morning I noticed some rather big chunks missing from my Prickly Pear Cacti...that weren't there yesterday.  It looks like one of our four legged plant relatives came down from Cew S-wegiom to eat under the Moon.  

Javelinas are generally omnivores, however just like me, plants make up the largest portion of their diet.  Unlike me, they have huge strong molars that are necessary so that they can chew on coarse foods like Prickly Pear Cactus and her spines.  They too love Mesquite Beans, tubers, Cholla Buds, roots, acorns, and even little flowers.  I guess we have a lot more in common that I had originally thought...we're Sonoran Desert snack buddies! 


Cew S-wegiom (O'odham) is the original name for Camelback Mountain in Phoenix, Arizona.