Slideshow: Morning Desert Hike - good medicine.

I learn better in Nature.  Being present with Her makes it easier for me to learn and/or remember.  So today I listened to two - 1 hour lectures on plants while hiking through the desert.  How blessed I am that I began to remember things I didn't know.  Ancestral memories. 

I begin this slideshow where my hike ended: with my favorite desert flower, the ocotillo.  These coral colored flowers will begin to show off their beauty very soon.  In fact, this little blossom was the only one I saw in full bloom amidst hundreds of ocotillos.  She's ready for spring as much as I am!  Behind her is a majestic saguaro.  I am always in awe of how old they are...they do not start growing "arms" until they are at least 50 years old!  Most of the saguaros on my hike today were easily in their hundreds.  I wonder what they've seen and what they remember?