Field trip to Ramona Farms

Always forming new relations, this morning I took a field trip to Ramona Farms, located on the Gila River Indian Reservation, about 45 minutes from my house.  (One hour if you want to count the 15 minutes I was lost near the cemetery). My visit was prompted by a cooking demonstration I am giving next week (Native Foods for Health), in which I am using their products.  So naturally I was curious for more information about the traditional foods they grow at the farm. 

Arriving there, I couldn't believe how big the farm and it's operation were! It's spread out in various areas, with crops growing on different fields depending on variety and planting season.  Although I didn't get to meet Ramona, I was blessed to sit down with Alyssa Dixon, the farm's Customer Support Specialist and member of the Gila River Indian Community - Akimel Ootham.  She was a wealth of knowledge about the foods they grow there, and we had a great energy exchange discussing food memories of her grandmother, community, and the nurturing it takes to grow these foods.  I was personally smitten with their Heritage Collection which included pinole and tepary beans. I bought a bag of their mesquite Roasted Pima Corn (Huuñi Ga'i) to anxiously experiment with at home.  So check back later to see what I do with it :)  

Please check out their website to read their story. Their foods are all natural and certified authentic to be made by/produced by American Indians.