Harvesting Cactus Apples

I love my friends, they know me so well. Every season different people (friends, friends of friends, next door neighbors of friends), contact me to collect random things from their yards: fruit, pods, legumes, flowers, cuttings, herbs. Generally they call because they want to share, but more than often they call because they are not sure what to do with these plants that I am always saying ARE food.  So "Call Felicia" is usually what happens, and it's becoming quite funny.  Needless to say, I anxiously show up the next day prepared with baskets, tongs, shears, and gloves, and secretly....I am super excited.

This morning was no different.  In my friend's muddy backyard, I eagerly arrived to collect "cactus apples".  If you've never tasted one, they are absolutely refreshing!  Crisp.  Sweet. Almost icy in texture, like a Hawaiian snow cone. Their delicate flavor is reminiscent of kiwi, and like a kiwi, you eat the tiny seeds.  I am not quite sure if the columnar cactus I got these from is a Sancayo columnar?  I know it is not a Senita, because those have fur-like tops.  If you know the correct name of this cactus, please do share! Here are some photos from my chilly morning balancing on a step ladder in the mud.  So worth it!